14 de Agosto, 2016

Sitio Web: recomienda MACUEROS para comprar productos chilenos de buena calidad. Made-in-Chile Goods to Bring Home from Santiago

9. Leather Goods Leather Goods Among the things Chile is famous for, handcrafted leather goods aren't the last. These days, in Santiago it seems like everyone has been wearing leather shoes, judging by the number of shoe shine stands scattered all over the city. This may be unwelcome news for someone with the more traditional views, but leather isn’t just for shoes and wallets anymore. You can find leather wine holders, leather backpacks, leather cooking aprons and even leather coasters. In fact, leather can provide added touch of elegance to anything. Hand-made leather crafts always make for treasured gifts which are both durable and practical. The variety of premium leather items that can be found in Santiago is truly magnificent and includes briefcases, purses, belts, jackets, wallets, computer bags, gloves, hats, pants, even leather jewelry holders. You can find leather at very attractive prices, but bear in mind that prices depend on the quality and size of the leather goods in question. If you want the best price available, get rid of that touristy look on your face and always ask if they can offer a better price. Where to find it: Maleteria Evelyn has been fabricating leather goods for 45 years and has four locations in the city: *Ernesto Pinto Lagarrigue 60, Recoleta, Phone: 777 8207 / 737 1204. *Huerfanos 1055, Local 1050, Santiago Centro, Phone: 698 1501. *Apumanque, Local 90, Las Condes, Phone: 211 1934. 10am to 9pm Mon-Sat; 11am to 9pm Sun; *Mall Plaza Vespucio, Local 113 Phone: 5863243. Hours: 10:30am to 9:30 pm M.A Cueros has been fabricating and selling leather goods for 35 years. Visit their store, conveniently located on Chiloé 1167-1169, Santiago Centro, Phone: 02-554-1582. A good selection can also be found at Artensina en Cuero, Patio Bellavista, Local 45, Providencia, Phone:: 762 1122; Hours: daily, 11am to 10pm.  


Este sitio redactado por un viajero experto en el arte de dar recomendaciones a quienes visitan nuevas ciudades, describe los 14 regalos perfectos o ideales para llevar como souvenir de vuelta al hogar. Entre ellos, menciona los productos de cuero legítimo y destaca a MACUEROS como una empresa chilena que por más de 35 años ha estado fabricando y vendiendo sus productos en su tienda convenientemente ubicada en el centro de Santiago.